Indoors or Imprisoned? 5 Steps to a Happy Indoor Cat

Does your cat gaze wistfully out the window?  Does your cat attempt a “jail-break” every time you open the door, and then claw madly at the window, as if rattling their cell bars? Don’t they know how good they’ve got it living an indoor-only life? You're providing the safest, healthiest care, and meeting their every [...]

RBC? BUN? SMH*! — Understanding Your Pet’s Blood Work

You’ve received a copy of your pet’s latest blood work results, but all those acronyms and graphs might as well be hieroglyphics. You recognize the name at the top, but that’s about it. Is that red number concerning? What about the blue one? Is a flat line OK, or is that a bad sign?  You’re [...]

Arthritis Awareness for Pet Owners

Arthritis is common in dogs and cats, and can significantly impact your pet’s life. Unfortunately, the disease often goes undiagnosed and untreated, because owners don’t realize their pet is affected. Our team at Village Animal Hospital wants to help by providing information about this debilitating condition. Arthritis causes in pets Osteoarthritis occurs when the normal [...]

Hospice and Palliative Care for Pets

When a person ages or develops an incurable condition, family members and caretakers often turn to palliative or hospice care to keep their loved one comfortable and stress-free. These options have not always been available for pets, but thanks to advancements in veterinary medicine, palliative and hospice care are now viable choices for pet owners [...]

When Your Pet’s Stomach Ache Turns Dangerous: Pancreatitis in Pets

November is the best time to talk about pancreatitis in pets. With the holiday season—and cold weather—upon us, comfort food graces tables across the country. Mashed potatoes, gravy, stuffing, turkey, ham—all these foods make your mouth water, and your pet drool. These delicious foods likely mean that your furry pal stares beseechingly into your eyes [...]

Help Your Pet Live Their Best Life With Enrichment

You’re always looking for ways to support your pet’s well-being—you buy quality food, luxurious beds, the best supplements, and the occasional adorable—yet completely unnecessary—accessory. However, well-meaning pet owners often overlook an essential health component. In addition to basic needs like food, water, and shelter, your pet needs mental stimulation, physical exercise, and time to engage [...]

Microchip Must-Know—Essential Facts About Microchipping Your Pet

At least one in three pets will go missing in their lifetime. Would your lost pet find their way home? No matter how well behaved your pet, or how infrequently they go outside, they can easily be lost during an auto accident, natural disaster, or home emergency. Microchipping is safe, affordable, permanent identification that allows [...]

Litter, Litter Everywhere: Tips for Litter Box Success

When cats became indoor pets, we expected them to adapt  to our lifestyle, and the confusion began. Much of it centers around the litter box. Cats are actually quite easy to understand, but all the options—covered or uncovered box, clumping or non-clumping litter, large or small box—can make choosing their litter box frustrating. Village Animal [...]

4 Ways to Keep Kids Safe Around Pets

Few things are as special as a child’s bond with their pet. Living with and interacting with pets at an early age offers children a myriad of benefits, such as understanding responsibility, learning about illnesses, encouraging physical activity, and offering improved immune health. But, since more than 50% of dog bite injuries occur in children, [...]

Bringing Your Cat to the Veterinarian: What You Need to Know

Did you know that cats are less likely to make their recommended annual veterinary visits than dogs? In fact, the 2017-18 edition of the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) Pet Ownership and Demographics Sourcebook states, “78.8 percent of dog owners said they brought their animals in for routine or preventive care at least once a [...]

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