A Pet Owner’s Guide to Brachycephalic Pets

A brachycephalic pet, with their adorably smooshed face, big eyes, and wrinkly rolls, are undeniably adorable, but the unique physical characteristics that make them so popular also come with a wide range of health issues. Use our Village Animal Hospital team’s guide on brachycephalic pets to learn about the health issues that affect this dangerously [...]

5 Conditions that Can Cause Your Pet to Cough

Coughing is a simple reflex that is triggered when coughing receptors in the pharynx, larynx, trachea, or smaller airways are irritated. The reflex is meant to help clear material from inside the respiratory tract. Pets can cough for many reasons, and our Village Animal Hospital team provides information about five conditions that can cause your [...]

How Do I Assess My Senior Pet’s Quality of Life?

As a pet owner, your job is to care for your pet and make the difficult decisions necessary when their quality of life (QOL) is no longer acceptable. QOL is a term used to describe how your pet handles their day to day life, and knowing how to accurately assess this factor can help prevent [...]

Declawing Alternatives For Your Cat

Cats scratch instinctively, and you likely want to prevent your cat from shredding your furniture. Fortunately, you can support your cat’s instinctive need to scratch and avoid putting them through a declawing procedure. Our Village Animal Hospital team shares declawing alternatives that will leave your cat happy, and your couch intact.  Why do cats scratch? [...]

5 Common Causes of Diarrhea in Dogs

Cleaning up your dog’s business is never pleasant, and when their business turns watery, stinky, or bloody, cleanup is a real drag. Dogs develop diarrhea for many reasons, and while the runs often resolve on their own, a veterinary diagnosis and treatment is often necessary to put a stop to the loose stools. If your [...]

Wellness Screening for Your Pet

Routine wellness exams help detect emerging health problems in apparently healthy pets, allowing intervention before the condition progresses to advanced stages. Studies have demonstrated the importance of these screenings for a pet’s wellbeing, yet many pets see a veterinarian only when they are sick or injured. Our team at Village Animal Hospital wants to explain [...]

My Pet Has an Ear Infection–Again

Pet ear infections are one of the most common problems that veterinarians diagnose and treat. If your pet repeatedly gets ear infections, you naturally feel frustrated. Recurring ear infections are ear-itating–in more ways than one. The first week of May is National Pet Week, and Village Animal Hospital is celebrating the human-animal bond by shedding [...]

FAQs: Your Pet’s Anesthesia Experience

Many pet owners delay necessary veterinary care because they are so concerned about their pets undergoing anesthesia. And, although anesthesia always carries some risk, denying your dog or cat the services they need can result in unnecessary pain and suffering, and reduce their quality of life. At Village Animal Hospital, we understand your concerns about [...]

Indoors or Imprisoned? 5 Steps to a Happy Indoor Cat

Does your cat gaze wistfully out the window?  Does your cat attempt a “jail-break” every time you open the door, and then claw madly at the window, as if rattling their cell bars? Don’t they know how good they’ve got it living an indoor-only life? You're providing the safest, healthiest care, and meeting their every [...]

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