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Keep Your Pet Safe and Calm on July Fourth

Fireworks are a universally accepted July Fourth institution that families across the country enjoy each year, but they’re also one of the top causes of canine noise phobia. Fireworks’ noises can upset your pet, and their fearful reaction may startle them so severely that they run away. Parties and crowds can also be hazardous to [...]

Why is My Pet So Itchy?

Do seasonal changes have your pet itching for relief? Spring into action with this itchy pet information from the Village Animal Hospital team. Itching is more than a nuisance Relentless scratching, chewing, and licking are disruptive behaviors that affect your pet’s comfort, health, and daily routine, and are much more than a noisy nuisance—persistent itchiness [...]

An Ounce of Prevention—Protecting Your Pet From Heartworm Disease

Heartworm disease is a mosquito-borne parasitic infection that affects more than a million U.S. pets. This life-threatening but preventable disease, which can be found in every state, can lead to heart failure, permanent lung damage, and sudden death in pets. Fortunately, protecting your pet is safe, convenient, and easier than ever. Use this Village Animal [...]

The 10 Pet Toxins in Your Home Right Now

Pet poisonings are on the rise in the United States, as evidenced by the more than 400,000 calls to the Association for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) Animal Poison Control Center in 2021 alone. Curious pets have an increasing opportunity for getting into something they shouldn’t. March is Pet Poison Prevention Month, and [...]

Dental Care Tutorial for Pet Owners

Do your eyes water when you smell your pet’s breath? If so, they likely have dental disease. Studies have demonstrated that pets are extremely susceptible to dental disease, with 80% of dogs and 70% of cats having significant disease by the time they are 3 years of age. However, do not despair! Appropriate dental care [...]

Cold Weather Pet Safety Tips

Cold winter weather can be fun for pets who enjoy the snow, but when the temperature plummets, you must take precautions to ensure your pet is safe and warm. Winter brings special hazards for pets, so our team at Village Animal Hospital offers suggestions that will help keep your pet safe all winter long. #1: [...]

Do’s and Don’ts to Add Years to Your Pet’s Life

Pets reach their senior years much sooner than humans, and while your pet won’t live forever, you can take steps to improve their health and increase their longevity. Our Village Animal Hospital team wants to help by offering do’s and don’ts to help add years to your pet’s life. DO schedule regular wellness screenings for [...]

A Pet Owner’s Guide to Brachycephalic Pets

A brachycephalic pet, with their adorably smooshed face, big eyes, and wrinkly rolls, are undeniably adorable, but the unique physical characteristics that make them so popular also come with a wide range of health issues. Use our Village Animal Hospital team’s guide on brachycephalic pets to learn about the health issues that affect this dangerously [...]

5 Conditions that Can Cause Your Pet to Cough

Coughing is a simple reflex that is triggered when coughing receptors in the pharynx, larynx, trachea, or smaller airways are irritated. The reflex is meant to help clear material from inside the respiratory tract. Pets can cough for many reasons, and our Village Animal Hospital team provides information about five conditions that can cause your [...]

How Do I Assess My Senior Pet’s Quality of Life?

As a pet owner, your job is to care for your pet and make the difficult decisions necessary when their quality of life (QOL) is no longer acceptable. QOL is a term used to describe how your pet handles their day to day life, and knowing how to accurately assess this factor can help prevent [...]

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