Choosing your pet’s veterinarian is a critical decision that has a lasting impact on your pet’s health and wellbeing. You want your pet to receive the highest standard of care possible, but how do you know which practices provide gold-standard pet health care? If you select an American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA)-accredited clinic—like Village Animal Hospital—you can feel confident that your pet will get the high-quality, comprehensive care they deserve.

Veterinary practices are not required to be accredited, and only 15% of veterinary hospitals have earned the accolade. We are extremely proud to be AAHA-accredited, and we want you to know how this designation benefits your pet. 

American Animal Hospital Association and veterinary excellence

The AAHA, founded in 1933, is an esteemed organization committed to maintaining the highest standards in animal health care. AAHA provides guidelines for all aspects of small animal veterinary practice and creates and distributes up-to-date educational materials and publications for veterinarians and pet owners. AAHA-accredited hospitals are recognized for their superior services, because accreditation involves rigorous and comprehensive evaluations based on approximately 900 standards.

All veterinary clinics must comply with state regulations, but not all achieve AAHA accreditation. So, what makes this accreditation so valuable? When you choose an AAHA-accredited veterinary practice, you know that the veterinary team is committed to providing your pet with the best possible care.

AAHA-accredited practices provide pets with the following benefits:

#1: High quality pet care

AAHA-accredited clinics must pass stringent, regular assessments to uphold their status. These assessments include the quality of medicine, surgery, and anesthesia, to patient care and pain management. This attention level guarantees that your pet receives the best care possible at all times. 

#2: Advanced veterinary medical protocols and equipment 

AAHA’s comprehensive standards encompass all aspects of veterinary care, including the latest state-of-the-art medical equipment and current best practices, such as diagnostic services, dental care, contagious disease protocols, and emergency services. An AAHA-accredited practice provides your pet with access to top-tier diagnostic and treatment options to support their overall health. 

#3: Focus on preventive care for pets 

Many pet health issues can be prevented, which is why  AAHA-accredited practices prioritize preventive care for pets. These practices understand the significance of early detection and prevention, and offer routine services, such as wellness examinations, vaccinations, and nutrition counseling. A proactive approach to veterinary care can prevent many severe health issues, keeping your pet healthier longer. 

#4: Veterinary client-centered service 

Customer service is an important component of AAHA’s accreditation process. Accredited practices must excel in client relationship development, customer service, communication, and appointment management. When you visit an AAHA-accredited practice, you can expect a compassionate, efficient experience that makes you and your pet feel comfortable and valued.

#5: Cutting edge veterinary medicine

Veterinary medicine is always evolving, and AAHA standards reflect this continual progress and innovation. AHHA standards are regularly reviewed and updated by a committee of industry experts to ensure that AAHA-accredited clinics practice cutting edge veterinary medicine. This commitment ensures your pet is treated with the most advanced medical options.

#6: Highly trained veterinary staff

A skilled, passionate veterinary team is essential to provide quality pet care. AAHA-accredited practices are committed to staff training and providing regular professional development opportunities. From the lobby to the examination room, every team member is knowledgeable and committed to providing your pet with the highest quality of care. 

#7: Emergency veterinary services

When pet emergencies arise, time is of the essence. AAHA standards require that accredited practices have in place medical protocols, staffing, and equipment that ensure emergencies are handled effectively. An AAHA-accredited clinic offers peace of mind, because you know your pet will be in capable hands in a medical emergency.

#8: Improved quality of life for your pet 

AAHA-accredited practices prioritize effective pain recognition and management strategies to improve your pet’s quality of life, and take every possible measure that will ensure your pet’s comfort during and after procedures. Our team is experienced in evaluating and managing patient pain with the appropriate medications and treatment options. 

When you choose an AAHA-accredited veterinary practice, you are prioritizing quality, comprehensive care for your pet. Our rigorous standards, commitment to excellence, and aim to improve ensure your pet is well cared for. Schedule an appointment with our Village Animal Hospital team, and rest assured we will nurture their health and happiness throughout their life.